Iraq agrees to repatriation of 500 families from Al-Hol Refugee Camp of North and East Syria, security forces announce 31 more arrests in security operation

AL-HOL, Syria — After more than two years in Al-Hol Refugee Camp in North and East Syria, 500 Iraqi families are finally being repatriated.

Member of the Exit Office in Al-Hol Camp Munir Muhammad confirmed that preparations for Iraqi repatriations have begun after the Iraqi government agreed to the return of 500 families following discussions with the Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA) of North and East Syria.

“The repatriated families will go in batches,” said Muhammad, noting that the personal information of the families submitted to the Iraqi government for repatriation is currently being checked.

He also indicated that after checking their documents and obtaining security approvals, the first hundred families will be repatriated.

The approval for the repatriations comes during the massive security campaign being undertaken in the camp by the Internal Security Forces (ISF) of North and East Syria. On Wednesday, the ISF announced the arrest of 31 more suspected members of the Islamic State (ISIS) in the camp, including eight women of Syrian and Iraqi nationalities.

According to sources, the ISF carried out 47 raids and inspections in the camp, especially focusing on a number of mud houses built in the first section of the camp for Iraqis. The raids were conducted based on information obtained by people arrested in the camp in recent days.