Human Rights Watch: Syrian regime confiscates homes and land of displaced Syrians in Edleb and Hemto

EDLEB and HEMTO, Syria — Human Rights Watch (HRW) revealed in a new report that the Syrian government is illegally confiscating the homes and land of Syrians who fled the military operations it launched, with its Russian ally, in the cities of Edleb (Idlib) and Hemto (Hama).

According to HRW, a Syrian government-affiliated militia in Daramsuq (Damascus) and the General Union of Peasants have participated in seizing the land of displaced people and auctioning them to parties loyal to the regime.

According to the HRW report, the confiscated lands included pistachio and olive orchards as well as wheat and other crop farms. The confiscated land is the main source of income for families and was taken without compensation or even notice.

Researcher on Syrian affairs Sarah Kayali confirmed that the Union of Peasants has become another tool of systematic repression used by the Syrian government against its people and stressed that relief organizations should ensure that the Union is not a recipient of aid if it supports the cultivation of stolen lands.