Syriac churches and organizations start petition “Freedom for Monk Aho”

Cooperating Syriac political, cultural, and local churches have started the PETITION “Freedom for Monk Aho”. Member of Swedish parliament Lars Adaktusson has also attached his name to the petition. The signatories to the petition ask the release of monk Aho who “was arrested on January 9, 2020, for alleged terrorist support to the PKK in eastern Turkey, Tur Abdin. On April 7, 2021, monk Aho was sentenced in absentia to 2 years and 1 month imprisonment.” Monk Aho was sentenced for having provided “bread and water” to two persons in the summer of 2018.

In their petition, the signatories demand that the Turkish government withdraw all charges against the Syriac Orthodox monk, acting in accordance with his beliefs and values, and release him immediately. The petition is addressed to the Turkish Interior Minister and Justice Minister.

The signatories to the petition are:

Lars Adaktusson, Member of Swedish Parliament for the Kristdemokratena (Sweden)

Kano Suryoyo e.V.: Organisation für Bildungsförderung der Suryoyo (Germany)

Platform Tur Abdin (Süryani Aydınları ve Aktivistleri Tartışma Grubu)

Huyodo Suryoyo d’Almanya-HSA (Germany)

St. Jacob of Sarugh Church, Göppingen (Germany)

St. Ephrem and St. Theodore, Gießen (Germany)

St. Eliyo Church, Pohlheim (Germany)

Evangelische Kirchengemeinde Kirchhain, (Germany)

Suryoye-Deutscher Verein Gießen e.V. (Germany)

Dachverband der Entwicklungsvereine Tur Abdin (DETA)

European Syriac Union

Clamye Suryoye