IRAQ: Baghdede sees return of annual poetry festival for first time since ISIS occupation

BAGHDEDE, Iraq — After a hiatus for many years due to the displacement of the town’s residents, St. Bolus’s Church Services in Baghdede in Nineveh Plains in Iraq held the Poetry Festival of Resurrection in the Hall of the Triangle of Mercy, Mor Emmanuel Beni.

The festival began with a minute of silence for the souls of martyrs. Priest Bashar Kazia then delivered a speech in which he referred to the importance of Easter and the return of the poetry festival.

Poet Zuhair Bahnam Barada then spoke about the creativity of the region’s poets. A number of poets from Nineveh Plains read their poems.

Gifts of appreciation were distributed to participants.

The Festival of Resurrection was held annually but was suspended for several years during the Islamic State’s occupation of the region.