Internal Security Forces of North and East Syria take down massive drug smuggling operation

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA — On Monday, the General Command of the Internal Security Forces (ISF) of North and East Syria held a press conference to announce the success of an operation to take down a large-scale drug smuggling operation.

The “Life Means Responsibility Operation” targeting drug traffickers in the region was launch in September of last year and has led to dozens of arrests. “After ending two phases of the campaign that resulted in the arrest of many traders and drug dealers, our forces worked in the fight against crime without being deterred by any obstacle to carrying out their duty towards the community of all its members,” read an ISF statement.

It continued, “After nearly two months of monitoring and investigation, our forces have been able to detect one of the main points through which drugs are introduced into our areas by groups in contact with the so-called Syrian National Army of the Turkish occupation.”

The latest operation saw the seizure of 196,000 pills of the type captagon, 474 kg of marijuana, $11,250 forged U.S. Dollars, a number of firearms including 26 hanguns with ammunition, 2 long-range rifles, 2 hunting rifles, and 63 rifle magazines, as well as  many computers and mobile phones.

“We in the General Command of the Internal Security Forces assure our people we will fulfill our duties and protect individuals and society from all forms of crime.”

In related news, the Humanity and Security Operation taking place in Al-Hole Refugee Camp continues. In statements made to SuroyoTV, spokesperson for the ISF Ali al-Hassan stated that the operation to clear the camp of Islamic State cells being jointly undertaken by the ISF, Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), People’s Protection Units (YPG), Women’s Protection Units (YPJ), and the Syriac Military Council (MFS), has been a success.

Prior to the operation, 47 civilians were killed in the camp as security deteriorated, leading to the operation, which was a moral, security, and legal necessity. Since the launching of the operation on 28 March, 125 people have been arrested, including 20 suspected officials of the Islamic State.

The operation has also uncovered tunnels used by ISIS sympathizers and two bodies in advanced stages of decay.