Romeo Hakari congratulates Yezidi people on their New Year

ANKAWA, Iraq — Head of the National Union Coalition in the Kurdistan Regional Parliament Romeo Hakari congratulated the Yezidi people on the occasion of Sere Sal, the Yezidi New Year, celebrated on Red Wednesday.

“On the occasion of Yazidi New Year’s Day, I congratulate our Yezidi sisters and brothers at home and in the diaspora,” wrote Hakari on Facebook.

“I wish them a blessed new year fulfilled with good and well-being and hope for the return of the abductees who were disappeared by ISIS barbarians who know nothing but killing and destruction,” he wrote. “Their desire to eliminate national and religious identities not their own does not conform with the principles of human rights and brotherhood. ”

At the end of his post, Hakari hoped that the new year be the end of the repeated tragedies that the Yezidi people have suffered for hundreds of years.