Syriac Union Party congratulates Yezidi people on Sere Sal, Yezidi New Year

ZALIN, Syria — The Syriac Union Party (SUP) in North and East Syria extended its congratulations to the Yezidi people in Syria and around the world on the occasion of Sere Sal, the Yezidi New Year, which is celebrated on Charshema Sor, or Red Wednesday, the first Wednesday on or after 14 April.

The SUP hoped that this holiday would bring goodness and peace to the Yezidi people, who have suffered immensely in recent years.

Red Wednesday is a day that celebrates creation, rebirth, and the beginning of the universe. For the Yezidis, it is a sacred day. Young men and women color boiled eggs in colors representative of the seasons of the year. In Yezidi belief, the egg symbolizes the earth.

On the Tuesday morning before the Red Wednesday, people visit the graves of their loved ones, carrying fruits and sweets to distribute them to children and the poor.

Unfortunately, this year’s Sere Sal celebrations in North and East Syria have been cancelled due to the worsening coronavirus pandemic in the region.