Armenian authorities ‌to try two Syrian mercenaries who fought with Azerbaijan ‌in Karabakh

YEREVAN — The Armenian government plans on trying two Syrian mercenaries ‌sent by Turkey to fight ‌alongside Azerbaijan ‌in Karabakh last year.

Open Caucasus‌ Media reported that‌ the two Syrians will take place after the approval of the Armenian General Prosecutor about the results of the police investigation into their recruitment to fight in Nagorno-Karabakh.

Quoting an Armenian investigation committee, the report ‌stated that the two men arrested in November are Mihrab Muhammad al-Shukhir and Yusuf al-Abd ‌al-Hajj. ‌

During the Azerbaijani invasion of the disputed Nagrono-Karabakh region at the end of last year, Turkey sent thousands of Syrian mercenaries ‌to fight alongside Azerbaijani forces during the conflict.