SuroyoTV interviews residents of North and East Syria about high monthly generator prices

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA — After the sharp increase in the price of monthly generator subscriptions across North and East Syria, SuroyoTV conducted a series of street interviews to gauge public opinion on the issue.

The price of 1 amp of power is currently at 3,500 Syrian Pounds, an increase of 200% in recent months. Even though the Syrian Pound has somewhat strengthened from historic lows against the U.S. Dollar, prices have remained the same.

Generator owners attributed the high price of monthly subscriptions to higher maintenance costs, part repair, and the price of fuel.

Residents, however, feel that the current prices are not commensurate with the low income of many in the region whose monthly salaries sometimes don’t exceed 60,000 Syrian Pounds.

Many of those interviewed called on the Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA) to address the issue.

The areas of North and East Syria are currently under curfew due to the spread of the coronavirus which has led to the suspension of work for many residents and the general deterioration of the living situation in the region, especially for those who depend on daily work.