Iraqi Police in Mosul find $1.5 million in cash, as well as gold and silver, hidden by ISIS

MOSUL, Iraq — After obtaining reliable intelligence, the police in Nineveh Governorate in Iraq discovered huge sums of money seized by the Islamic State (ISIS) during their control over the city of Mosul from 2014 to 2017.

The police also found gold and silver pieces that were hidden in a residential building in the old area of ​​the city. The building was used as ISIS’s Office of Finance (“House of the Money of the Muslims”).

According to the Spokesperson for the Iraqi Commander-in-Chief, an amount of 1.59 million U.S. Dollars and 17.5 million Iraqi Dinars were discovered. As were 17.5 kg of silver bars, 15 kg of silver cut for the purpose of printing ISIS coins, 458 g of gold coins, and 256 g of metal of unknown type.

Many people have demanded that the money be distributed for the people of Old Mosul or allocated for building and developing the area.