Yezidi House condemns Iraqi Army attempts to enter Shengal, calls on people of the region to remain steadfast in defense of local administration

GOZARTO, Syria / SHENGAL, Iraq — Following the Iraqi government’s repeated efforts to enter Shengal (Sinjar), the Yezidi House in Gozarto (Jazira) Region in North and East Syria issued a statement, declaring that, “For a while, the Iraqi government has been trying by various means and methods to attack Shengal, its people, and their administration under the pretexts that Shengal is an Iraqi area and there are ‘strange’ forces on its land.”

The statement continued:

“Where was this government when Islamic State invaded Shengal and killed and captured our people? The people of Shengal were left to their inevitable fate! They faced death, capture, and mass graves. The question today is who saved the people of Shengal, who wandered in the mountains and rough roads facing death, thirst, hunger, and difficulties in search of safe places? Where was the Iraqi government and its army that did not even attempt to do its duty in defense of its citizens?”

The Yezidi House went on to argue that the Iraqi Army’s attempt to implement its plan to rob the people of Shengal of their right to self-determination constitutes a great injustice.

The Yezidi House demanded the Iraqi government and army reconsider rushing to actions that risk repeating the tragedies befallen the people of Shengal. In addition to giving priority to dialogue and reason, the Yezidi House urged the people of Shengal to remain steadfast in their demands for local administration and respect for their rights under the Iraqi Constitution.