SuroyoTV interviews returning residents of Zalin’s Tayy neighborhood about clashes; large quantities of UN aid discovered in Srian regime-aligned militia headquarters

ZALIN, Syria — After the Internal Security Forces (ISF) of North and East Syria pushed the Syrian regime-aligned National Defense Forces (NDF) militia out of the Tayy neighborhood of Zalin (Qamishli) after days of clashes, displaced residents began returning to their homes.

A SuroyoTV team toured the neighborhood and met a number of the displaced residents who thanked the ISF for protecting their homes and shops from theft and looting.

The citizens who were unable to leave the area due to poor health also thanked the ISF who helped them secure food and medicine during the clashes.

Residents near the Wehda roundabout were surprised at the great damage caused to their shops as a result of the NDF attacks.

The ISF Media Center issued a statement calling on the people of Tayy neighborhood to return to their homes and ensure the safety of their property.

The statement indicated that there were no violations against the property of the neighborhood and that the ISF stationed in the neighborhood will follow up on any complaints or inquiries from residents.

The ISF continue to remove caches of weapons from the neighborhood, including in some schools which were turned into military buildings. During the searches, large quantities of illegally redirected humanitarian aid from the United Nations was discovered in NDF headquarters buildings and barracks.