The Africa Report: Syrian Cham Wings Airline helping Syrian regime transport mercenaries and drugs to Libya

DARAMSUQ / BENGHAZI, Libya — A recent article by The African Report, a media outlet focusing on Africa affairs, revealed an increase in flights between Syria and Libya in recent months, likely carrying mercenaries and drugs to Libya.

Since the beginning of April, according to the article, Syrian Cham Wings Airline has carried out nine round-trip flights between the Syrian capital Daramsuq (Damascus) and Benghazi, the last of which was on 19 April. Trips between Latakia, Syria and Benghazi began in 2018 bringing mercenaries to the country.

The article, quoting Syrian journalist and analyst Asaad Hanna, reports that the recent repeated flights between the two countries could also function as a drug smuggling network, as Syria has become the largest producer of illicit drugs in the region as a means of financing its military operations.