Beth Nahrin National Council congratulates Syriac people on Easter: Liberation for the Syriac people is now clearer, more visible, and more important than ever

Today, on 1 May, International Labor Day, the Beth Nahrin National Council (Mawtbo Umthoyo d-Bethnahrin, MUB) issued a statement in which it congratulates the Syriac people on Easter, “Nuhomo” or Feast of the Resurrection. Orthodox Syriacs follow the Orthodox calendar and celebrate Easter this year on 2 May.

********** MUB STATEMENT **********

In a time when humans used to be slaves to other humans, Jesus Christ struggled against injustice, slavery, oppression, and colonialism with His philosophy based on loving thy neighbor as yourself. It was a time when human rights were little respected and where strife and wars were provoked by authoritarian leaders. The struggle against violent and unjust actions and against those causing major conflict in all parts of the world continues to this day.

For more than a year, humanity has been struggling to cope with the coronavirus. It is now clear that many governments from countries all over the world have exploited this pandemic to pursue their interests. They are the selfish actions of those who, like those 2,000 years ago, want to exercise their unjust and illegitimate influence. Even now their urge to oppress is increasing and they try to enslave other human beings.

The unjust dictators impose their extremist and religious ideologies and suppress opinions and beliefs that differ from their own. Since many centuries, the dictators’ repressive policies have tried to bring an end to the national and religious celebrations of our Syriac people. These policies continue to this day. Christ’s philosophy of liberation, in its full message and meaning, is therefore now clearer, more visible, and more important than ever.

In order to preserve the legacy and freedom of our Syriac people, the primary task and historical responsibility resting on the shoulders of our Syriac people is to carry out an intellectual revolution against these oppressive and tyrannical policies and regimes. In the Middle East, state officials daily unleash wars to destabilize the existence of Christians, and they activate their proxy terrorist groups to exert more pressure.

We, as Beth Nahrin National Council (MUB), affirm our continuous struggle for our people and our total commitment to Jesus Christs’ philosophy, which is the embodiment of human respect, and to ensure that our Syriac people can freely celebrate their national, religious, and cultural holidays. This struggle is especially dedicated to our people in Beth Nahrin (Mesopotamia), who have been subjected to many injustices, great pressures, and to the cruel denial of their Syriac identity. We as MUB are dedicated to restoring our people’s status and presence in their historic homelands, and to guarantee our people can celebrate their national and religious holidays freely and peacefully in agreement with the doctrine of Jesus Christ.

Easter has special importance for our people. It is the celebration of the Resurrection of Christ, in which mankind found its salvation. Moreover, in order to achieve human freedom and strengthen joint efforts against oppression and colonialism, Jesus Christ brought us the teachings of equality, solidarity, and goodness. And based on these teachings and the human struggle for a good life, May 1 was set as the International Day of Workers. We stand strong in our struggle and contribution for equality and democracy and make and appeal on global leaders to do the same.

We celebrate Easter and congratulate our religious leaders, the families of our martyrs, and all Christians who follow the Orthodox Eastern calendar. With absolute faith, we celebrate the glorious Resurrection. We hope future celebrations come in better and more festive conditions, and hope the COVID-19 pandemic quickly ends.

We ask our Syriac people to stay firm in their national struggle for liberation.