Syriac Patriarch Mor Addai II Giwargis congratulates Suraye on Easter

BAGHDAD – In a public letter, His Holiness Mor Addai II Giwargis, Catholicos-Patriarch of the Ancient Church of the East, extended his congratulations to the Syriac (Aramean-Chaldean-Assyrian) people in Iraq, Syria, and the whole world on the occasion of the Day of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Orthodox Syriacs (Suraye or Suroye) celebrate Easter 2021 on May 2nd.

His Holiness Mor Addai II pointed to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the participation of the faithful in attending the Holy Liturgy, collective rituals and festivities. He stressed adhering to preventive measures. His Holiness stated that coronavirus measures will not prevent Easter joy. The joy and hope for eternal life will continue in the hearts and minds of the faithful and Mor Addai II asked God to bless all mankind with health: “We pray that our people enjoy goodness, and that security and peace will prevail in our historical lands in Iraq and Syria,” His Holiness concluded.

Mor Addai II Giwargis, Easter letter