Governor of Nineveh, Iraq: People overwhelmingly reject return of families affiliated with ISIS

MOSUL, Iraq — In a press statement, the Governor of Nineveh, Iraq, Najm Jubouri, indicated that his office had not received any instructions regarding the return of families of Islamic State (ISIS) members Al-Hol Refugee Camp in North and East Syria.

Jubouri also stressed that there is overwhelming popular rejection of the return of these families to Nineveh, especially as it is not ready to receive them. There will be widespread mass protesting if Baghdad goes ahead with the repatriation of people currently detained in Al-Hol Camp, he warned.

Jubouri called for through debate and study on the issue and for alternatives to their repatriation to Nineveh to be considered, including relocated them to areas in Iraq but outside Nineveh.

The Iraqi government recently agreed to the return of 100 families affiliated with ISIS from Al-Hol.

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