LEBANON: Universal Syriac Union Party and Free Patriots party reaffirm demand for Lebanon’s neutrality and independence

BEIRUT – The Presidents of the Universal Syriac Union Party (USUP) Ibrahim Mrad and National Liberal Party, or “Free Patriots” party, Camille Chamoun, reaffirmed their demands for Lebanon’s independence and neutrality in support of Syriac Maronite Patriarch Mor Béchara Boutros Raï’s proposal.

Mrad headed a delegation of USUP’s leadership visiting the Free Patriots party headquarters to congratulate Professor Camille Chamoun on his election as party leader and with the formation of a new board. The USUP delegation included USUP’s Vice President Layla Latte and Secretary General Michel Mello. Mrad congratulated Chamoun with assuming the presidency of the party and expressed his confidence that he and his new youthful team will return the party to play its historical resistance role in Lebanon.

The two sides discussed the painful and dangerous reality in which Lebanon and its population were placed because of the political dominance and armed control of Iran and its proxy Hezbollah over the country. Iran and Hezbollah pose a serious threat for the independence and sovereignty of Lebanon, and Chamoun and Mrad stressed the importance of the joint confrontation with foreign forces. They called on all Lebanese and political parties to keep resisting Hezbollah and its allies because solidarity is crucial at this stage and a national duty for all to free Lebanon.

Universal Syriac Union Party visits newly elected leader of the Free Patriots party Camille Chamoun

In a statement after the meeting the new leader of the Free Patriots party handed Mrad the political document of the National Liberal party, and said that the 2 parties maintain a long friendship which “unites us in a common history and struggle. Your visit is not merely congratulatory as our parties have a permanent project and coordination in a united Lebanese resistance. We seek a comprehensive resistance with the rest of the Lebanese people because one hand cannot do the impossible. Your party’s struggle and your presence is on the same path as we have been fighting for.”

“We will not emigrate. We will remain attached to our homeland that we build with the blood of our martyrs,” Camille Chamoun added.

Mrad stressed that everyone must be one at heart in support of the Beth Kerké (Bkirke) project and Lebanon’s neutrality, because it only can assure a new future for our children and future generations.