Former Syriac Member of Iraqi Parliament Joseph Sliwa: I will participate in the election list of Bethnahrain Patriotic Union in upcoming elections

ANKAWA, Iraq — In SuroyoTV and SuroyoFM’s “Al-Mashhad al-Siasi”, or Political Scene, program, former Syriac Member of Iraqi Parliament Joseph Sliwa was interviewed about Iraq’s upcoming elections.

Sliwa stated that the importance of the 10 October elections lies in the October Revolution, during which all the peoples of Iraq participated due to the deteriorating political, economic, and societal conditions in the country.

He pointed out that, for the first time since the formation of the modern Iraqi state in 1920, the revolutionaries have imposed their will on the rulers and government. One of its results was the holding of early elections.

Regarding his candidacy for the elections, Sliwa confirmed that he will participate as a candidate for the Bethnahrain Patriotic Union (HBA) because of the party’s integrity and sincerity. He and the party share principles, said Sliwa, including defending the Chaldean–Syriac–Assyrian people, avoiding sectarianism, and a belief in a federal Iraq.

He also stressed that he and the party have the same honest and sincere struggle and that the party is not stained with the blood of our people or even corruption and called on Iraqi citizens of all denominations to choose such party because the people need strong voices against corruption in government.

Sliwa also stated that they will not establish any agreements with parties that are outside the national framework, do not believe in a secular state, or do not believe in obtaining full rights for the Chaldean–Syriac–Assyrian people on the basis of equality, citizenship, and impartial justice. Any party who believes in such principles is a welcome partner, he said.