SYRIA: Men of Dignity in As-Suwayda blockade government building in protest of regime

AS-SUWAYDA, Syria — The Syrian city of As-Suwayda, which occasionally witnessed popular protests against the regime and the dire economic situation in the country, saw renew protests on Monday.

A group affiliated with Rejal al-Karama (Men of Dignity) protested against a recently passed real estate law by shutting down the Transportation Directorate in the city.

Local media outlets reported that members of the movement gathered in front of the entrance to the Directorate and deployed roadblocks on the roads leading to it. The Directorate remained closed all day as a result of the protest.

The city’s transport director came to the Directorate where he listened to the protesters’ demands and then left.

In April, spiritual leader of Druze community, Sheikh Hekmat al-Hajri, stated that, “The only solution is that Assad relinquishes power, leaving the presidency for a temporary military council or a judicial council, until the Syrians agree on a new constitution and fair election law that includes all the Syrians, preserves the rights of displaced people, and reveals corruption.”