German Foreign Minister Maas confirms German support for Libya’s transition to democracy and stability

ROME — Despite the major political parties in Libya reaching consensus on the future of the country and the formation of a new transitional government, there still remain obstacles to unification.

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas, during a meeting with his Italian counterpart Luigi Di Maio in Rome on Wednesday, stated that there is close cooperation with the Libyan transitional government and the chances for peace have increased in Libya. However, there are many challenges that must be faced and overcome, including holding the elections scheduled on 24 December and the withdrawal of all foreign fighters from Libya.

Maas added that they are working on this matter together with the transitional government publicly as well as behind the scenes.

He expressed Germany’s willingness to play an integral part in Libya’s transition towards democracy and stability.

Many countries, primarily Turkey and Russia, have sent mercenaries to fight on either side of the conflict in Libya. Many of the mercenaries remain within Libyan territories despite the repeated Libyan and U.N. demands they leave.