Dams Administration of North and East Syria: Water flow of Euphrates River in Syria decreased to 185 cubic meters per second

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA — The General Administration of Dams in North and East Syria stated on Sunday that the water supply to the Euphrates River flowing in the Syrian territory continues to decrease. The flow of the Euphrates from Turkey to Syria is now less than 200 cubic meters per second which threatens a further decrease in the water level inside Syria and Iraq.

Muhammad Tarboush, an official with the General Administration of Dams, declared that the flow of water went as low as 185 cubic meters per second on Saturday. If the water flow continues to decline, says Tarboush, the situation in North and East Syria will be catastrophic.

For more than three and a half months, the Turkish forces occupying northern Syrian have routinely stopped the Alouk Water Station which services a large portion of North and East Syria. Turkey also continues to restrict the flow of water in the Euphrates, threatening a cause a vast humanitarian crisis in the region.

Water levels are so low, the Kibr Water Station in wester Dayro (Deir ez-Zor) went out of service due to the drastic drop in the water level, depriving roughly 70,000 people of water.

Residents of North and East Syria are concerned that the water pumps will continue to be out of service due to the increasing decline in the water level of the Euphrates River during the coming summer, putting the lives of the region’s nearly four million inhabitants at risk.