Delegation from SuroyoFM participates in opening of Dicle FM radio station in Dayrik (Al-Malikiyah) in North and East Syria

DAYRIK, Syria — Media outlets continue to flourish in North and East Syria following the establishment of the Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA). Recently, a delegation of SuroyoFM, participated in the opening of a new radio station called Dicle FM.

The opening took place at the new radio center in Dayrik (Al-Malikiyah) and was attended by delegations and participants from all components, parties, and institutions of North and East Syria, according to Maria Hanna, Co-Chair of SuroyoFM.

SuroyoFM sent a congratulatory message for the opening of the new radio station and said they hope Dicle FM will be a platform of truth and credibility and act as a voice for the people of North and East Syria and Beth Nahrin.

During the opening ceremony, a Dicle FM delivered a speech in which they noted their adherence to the principles of democracy and the laws adopted by the DAA. They stressed that they would be a platform for right, justice, and equality and will include voices from all the components of the region: Arabs, Syriacs, and Kurds.