Prominent ISIS leader arrested by Iraqi forces in Nineveh Plains

JALBARAT, Iraq — On Sunday, the Iraqi Military Intelligence Directorate issued a statement confirming that it had arrested a prominent leader of the Islamic State (ISIS) who was attempting to travel across the Syrian border.

The Directorate indicated that Military Intelligence detachments in the 15th Division, in conjunction with the 1st Regiment, 71st Infantry Brigade, managed to arrest the most prominent ISIS leader of the Frontier Brigade, Abu Bilal.

According to Alsumaria News and other Iraqi websites, the movements of the ISIS leader were monitored through thermal cameras. An ambush was set in Jalbarat, of the Rabia district, west of Nineveh Governorate.

The Iraqi Central Intelligence Directorate also confirmed that Abu Bilal, a priority for arrest by the Judiciary, was arrested pursuant to an arrest warrant in accordance with the provisions of Article 4 relating to terrorism. Bilal participated in several terrorist operations against Iraqi security forces. He has three brothers who are also ISIS leaders, all of whom were killed during the liberation of Iraq.