Swedish FM Minister Ann Linde calls Syrian elections rigged, EU demands elections under UN supervision

STOCKHOLM – Swedish Foreign Minister Anne Linde has rejected the results of the presidential elections held in Syria on May 26 and considers them a fraud. FM Linde, acting also as Chairperson-in-Office of the Organization Security and Co-Operation in Europe, via Twitter on May 27, stated that elections in Syria were rigged and that the European Union will not recognize the outcome; “We support the Syrian people, the political process and the holding of free, fair and democratic elections under UN supervision,” Swedish FM Linde said.

Ba’ath regime leader and President of the Syrian Arab Republic Bashar al-Assad has been dictator of Syria since 2000. He succeeded his father who had been in power since 1970.

There might be division or discussion among the EU countries about the EU’s course towards the Syrian conflict and the dictatorial Ba’ath regime. France, Italy, Germany, Great Britain, and the US issued a joint statement on May 25. There was no pre-election joint statement from the EU countries.

On May 27, the EU’s High Representative for External Relations Josep Borrell did issue a statement, saying that the Syrian elections;

“met none of the criteria of a genuinely democratic vote, do not contribute to the settlement of the conflict. Elections in Syria should take place only within the framework of a genuine political process, in line with UN Security Council Resolution 2254. They can only be credible if all Syrians, including internally displaced people, refugees and members of the diaspora, are able to participate in a safe, and neutral environment without threat of intimidation and in a free and fair political competition.”