Gabriel Shamoun: Preparations continue for Democratic Opposition Conference

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA — In an interview with SuroyoTV, member of the Preparatory Committee for the Conference of the Syrian Democratic Opposition and Deputy Co-Chair of the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) Gabriel Shamoun indicated that work is still ongoing to ensure that the Democratic Opposition Conference — a Syrian–Syrian dialogue aiming to include a majority of the opposition forces — is successful.

Shamoun also pointed out that they had guests in the dialogue session, namely Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) Co-Chair Riad Darrar, Dr. Ratib Sha’bo, and Muhannad Blaiqan from the Popular Will Party (PWP).

According to Shamoun, the guests expressed their opinion on how such a conference would take place and the goals and outcomes of such a conference.

Shamoun noted that, on this basis, they can reach a body that unites the democratic opposition to confront the forces that are preventing democratic reforms in Syria, as well as to confront religious and national extremism in the country.