LEBANON: Elias Mendelek elected new president of Syriac Maronite Union-Tur Levnon

“Syriac is the language and hence the identity of the Christians of the Levant and Mesopotamia (from Lebanon, to Northern Syria, Southern Turkey and Northern Iraq). This region was a Syriac land before the creation of these modern states.” Syriac Maronite Union-Tur Levnon

BEIRUT – The Syriac Maronite Union-Tur Levnon association has elected engineer Elias Mendelek as its new president. Elias Mendelek has been an active and long-time member in the Syriac Maronite Union-Tur Levnon which advocates the return of Lebanon to its Syriac Maronite roots and Syriac language. It does so by raising public awareness for Lebanon’s Syriac identity, which is implicit in many elements of its language, culture, and history, and by organizing Syriac teaching courses.

Before being elected its new president Mr. Mendelek was the democracy coordinator of the association. Mr. Mendelek succeeds architect and writer Dr. Amine Iskandar who led the Syriac Maronite Union-Tur Levnon for four years. During his presidency “the association was able to achieve many of the goals to serve our Lebanese Christian people, including re-educating them about their distinctive cultural and spiritual role and identity.”