LEBANON: Universal Syriac Union Party and National Dialogue Party: saving Lebanon relies on citizens’ awareness to hold politicians accountable

BEIRUT – President of the Universal Syriac Union Party in Lebanon Ibrahim Mrad visited head of the National Dialogue Party and Member of Parliament Fouad Makhzoumi at the NDP headquarters in Ras el-Nabeh, Beirut. Mrad’s visit comes in a series of meetings with and visits to like-minded political parties with the aim to strengthen relations and cooperation to find a way out of the dire political and economic situation Lebanon is currently going through.

Party President Mrad lead an USUP delegation consisting of i.a. Vice President Leila Latti and Secretary general Michel Mello. They were received by Mr. Fouad Makhzoumi, his political advisor Carol Zwein, Roger Choueiri (PR), and members of the NDP Political Bureau.

A press statement released by USUP on the visit stated the parties discussed the dire and dangerous conditions that led Lebanon to its complete collapse have placed the country in the ranks of failed states. The statement blamed the ruling political class for Lebanon’s collapse and the ongoing deteriorating living conditions of its citizens.

The leaderships of the two parties stressed the urgent need for Lebanon’s younger generation to not fall in despair but to engage and contribute seriously to holding the incumbent ruling class accountable. USUP and NDP called on the Lebanese youth to stay in Lebanon and take up their responsibility and constructive role for the advancement of Lebanon.

The two sides affirmed that “saving Lebanon relies on citizens’ awareness of holding politicians accountable at the ballot boxes and delivering to Parliament a new and young political class, a class of competent, clean patriots who have a serious vision on how to rescue and promote Lebanon and put the country back on the map after its deliberate and planned isolation from the outside world.” They also stated to continue coordination and communication, especially since the parties’ ideas and proposals are very close and aimed at the interests of Lebanon and its people.