Hundreds protest in Tel Tamr in North and East Syria against Turkey’s violation of international and human rights law

TEL TAMR, Syria — Hundreds of residents of the Khabur River Valley town of Tel Tamr participated in a mass demonstration against the aggressive policy of the Turkish state on Monday morning.

The demonstration began with a minute of silence for the souls of martyrs and proceeded to march through the town in opposition of Turkey’s invasions of northern Syria and Iraq which have displaced hundreds of thousands of people. Demonstrators stressed that the Turkish state has acted contrary to internal law and human rights conventions as the world looks on in silence.

The protestors, diverse in their ethnic and religious makeup, confirmed their joint stand against the blatant Turkish attacks on Makhmour Refugee Camp and other civilian populations in the region.

One participant told a SuroyoTV reporter that, “We came today, as one people, whether Arab, Kurd, Syriac, Armenian, or Yezidi, to condemn the violations of Erdogan and his mercenaries against the people of North and East Syria.”

“We are all one people, and these violations must end,” they continued.

The demonstrators called on all political parties not to be dragged into acting on behalf of the Turkish state and to ask human rights organizations and revolutionary forces to stand up on their behalf.