Syrian regime official publicly threatens farmers with imprisonment if they do not sell their wheat to the government

LATAKIA, Syria — In a statement to Syrian regime-affiliated Al-Khabar TV, head of the Syrian Peasants Union in Latakia Hikmat Saqr threatened Syrian farmers and traders with imprisonment if their wheat crop was sold to parties other than the Syrian regime, a move indicative of the regime’s repression and intimidation of those living in areas under its control.

Saqr indicated that the wheat harvest should be delivered exclusively by the farmers to the Syrian Grain Office, threatening that any merchant who markets wheat will be arrested.

He reiterated the regime’s intention to acquire the entirety of the wheat crop, approximated at roughly 3,000 tons.

Saqr also claimed that the government provided the required machinery, tractors, and combine harvesters according to an action plan with a clear price on the use of the machinery.