Four rockets and launchers intended to target Balad Air Base discovered by Iraqi Security Forces

BAGHDAD — On Friday, the Security Media Cell of the Iraqi Government announced that, according to accurate intelligence, federal intelligence, and the investigation agency in the Interior Ministry, were able to seize four rockets and four launchers hidden in an orchard in the Zanbur area of Diyala Governorate adjacent to Saladin Governorate.

“The rockets were planned to target Balad Air Base,” the statement said, adding that they had been processed by explosives control experts.

Balad Air Base, which hosts U.S. forces and contractors, was targeted on Wednesday evening by three rockets. There were no casualties. The rocket attacked was coordinated with an attack on the military base at Baghdad International Airport by three drones.

Nearly 42 attacks have targeted U.S. interests in Iraq since the beginning of this year, including the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad and Iraqi military bases hosting Americans. Two U.S.-led International Coalition logistics convoys were also targeted. Two foreign coalition contractors and an Iraqi were killed in the attacks.