German court sentences female ISIS member to prison for crimes against Yezidi women

BERLIN — A German court sentenced a woman from the Islamic State (ISIS) to six and half years in prison for crimes committed against Yezidi women, including forcing them to work in her home as slaves.

Prosecutor Nidal Delsy, who brought the case to court on behalf of three Yezidi women, explained that the defendant committed several crimes in Shengal (Sinjar) in Iraq, including the kidnapping of seven Yezidi women alongside her husband, who tortured and beat those Yezidi women.

The court also sentenced the parents of the ISIS woman’s husband on charges of helping their son and his brother while in the service of ISIS, with sentences ranging from three to four years.

The accused woman moved to Syria in 2013 and married an ISIS member. After ISIS’s defeat by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and other International Coalition partners, she was repatriated to Germany with her three children where she was arrested upon arrival.