SUP Co-Chair Barsoum: Failure to hold Turkey accountable for past crimes has led to its current crimes

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA — Obtaining recognition of the Sayfo Genocide of 1915 will remain one of the priorities of the Syriac Union Party (SUP), SUP Co-Chair Sanharib Barsoum told SuroyoTV.

“We, as Syriac Union Party, have adopted this case and are working and fighting for it to be fully recognized and for our people to receive their fully rights,” said Barsoum.

“It is the responsibility of all our people to join hands and stand together and be one voice so the whole world hears us.”

The Sayfo left us with hundreds of thousands of martyrs,” Barsoum added. “We will not forget, and we will continue to demand our rights and commemorate our fallen martyrs.”

When asked about Turkey’s current regional and domestic policies, Barsoum replied, “The circle of countries that recognize the Sayfo is increasing — recently, America recognized the events of 1915 as genocide — so through our diplomatic work, we will seek to narrow the Turkish state to recognize what it has done.”

“Turkey has not been held accountable for its past crimes which has incentivized it to continue committing new ones.”