Milad Korkis, member of Syriac Progressive Youth Union, calls on youth in North and East Syria to participant in self-administration

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA — In comments made to SuroyoTV, Milad Korkis, a member of the Syriac Progressive Youth Union, stated that it is the responsibility of the Syriac youth to participant in the structures of the Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA) of North and East Syria.

Korkis said the greatest responsibility lies with young people because it represents the dynamism of society and will become its decision-making center in the future.

He also touched on the dialogue forum held by the Youth of the Syrian Democratic Council, pointing out that it lasted for hours and covered several topics through which the youth converged, noting that they were able as a result to come up with a common vision for the future of Syria.

At the end of his statement, Korkis called for more initiatives in the future to bring the ideas of the youth closer together and for the ideas developed by the youth of the region be properly considered by decision-makers.