USUP distributes new round of financial aid. USUP President Mrad, “It is imperative to stand with our people in these difficult circumstances”

SED EL BAUCHRIEH, Lebanon – In a new round of humanitarian aid, the Universal Syriac Union Party (USUP) in Lebanon distributed monthly financial assistance to 200 needy families at its office in Sed El Bouchrieh, Matn District, Mount Lebanon. The monthly financial aid is part of the “Twinning project” and is supported by Netherlands based aid organization Stichting Schlomo and the Syriac Cross Organization for Relief and Development in the Middle East.

During the distribution of the financial aid, Ibrahim Mrad, president of the Syriac Union Party in Lebanon, explained that it was the ruling junta and corrupt government officials who brought Lebanon into the state it is in, necessitating aid relief such as the Twinning Project. Mrad described the current situation as hell and called for fortitude, resistance, and solidarity, pointing out that “human dignity requires that we stand with our people during these difficult circumstances.”

Mrad further stated that “the ruling junta has brought Lebanon and its people to the edge of the abyss. Lebanon has never had corrupt rulers and unjust government officials working solely to annihilate a people and destroy a country as do these criminal agents. We can and will never surrender, despair, or become indifferent. We must resist and stand up at all costs. We must unite and preserve the sacrifices of thousands of martyrs.”

He called for the formation of a sovereign strong front not associated with the ruling political parties and not based on personal interests. Only in this way can we convert the hell Lebanon is going through into the beginning of new life. “Our civic duty, human values, ​​and morals make it imperative on us that we stick and help our people through aid projects like these,” Mrad concluded.

The Universal Syriac Union Party is an affiliate of the Beth Nahrin National Council.