IRAQ: Directorate General of Syriac Culture and Arts publishes new book on Syriac Poetry

ANKAWA / ERBIL, Iraq – The Directorate General of Syriac Culture and Arts has published a new book entitled “Syriac Poetry”. The book is prepared by Dr. Rubin Beit Shmuel who is the Director General of the Directorate General of Syriac Culture and Arts in the Kurdistan Region. The 330-page book gives a systematic overview of Syriac poetry and its history and will be taught to students in the Syriac language department at Salahuddin University‘s Faculty of Education.

The book is divided into three main themes: the first theme includes definitions and observations about poetry, modern culture, literary criticism, translation, and literature written in Akkadian, Aramaic, and Syriac. The second theme has selected texts from Classical Syriac literature from ancient and contemporary Syriac poets. The third theme contains in-depth analysis and scholarly research on Syriac poetry by Dr. Rubin Beit Shmuel, Professor Sebastian Brock, and Benjamin Haddad.

The Syriac language is officially recognized in Iraq.