Syriac Gabriel Sawma receives invitation to become Republican Party candidate for US Congress

WASHINGTON – Syriac scholar and international lawyer Gabriel Sawma has received an invitation to become the Republican candidate for New Jersey’s 2nd District in the November 2022 elections for US Congress. The Republican Party announced the candidacy in a letter to Sawma and comes after decades-long work in U.S. academics and politics.

Sawma was a member of former President Donald Trump’s Advisory Board for Middle East Affairs and a board member of the American Mideast Coalition for Democracy.

Gabriel Sawma’s family is originally from Zailn (Qamishli) but he was born in Beirut where he studied and practiced law. During the Lebanese Civil War, Sawma emigrated to the US where he taught Islamic family law at Fairleigh Dickinson University.

He is a nationally recognized expert and consultant on Islamic marriage and divorce in the US and has held several advisory positions in the field. He is profound in Syriac and Biblical Aramaic and was a lecturer on the Aramaic influence on the Qur’an. He is the author of “The Quran: Misinterpreted, Mistranslated, and Misread – The Aramaic Language of the Quran”.

Gabriel Sawma said of the invitation to become a US Congress candidate for the Republican Party: “I am very proud to receive this message from the Republican Party, and I will study it seriously with a number of close associates and family members and then make a decision on this matter. I thank the Republican National Committee for this high confidence and hope that the election results will be in the interest of the party and the United States of America.”