Turkey among the ten worst countries on workers’ rights says International Trade Union Confederation

ANKARA — The 2021 annual report of the International Trade Union Confederation revealed that Turkey is among the ten worst countries for workers’ rights in the world, following the Turkish authorities arrests of Turkish workers.

The report stated that Turkish workers and their unions were subjected to grave human rights violations during security campaigns carried out by the government of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Turkish police surrounded the headquarters of the Turkish Progressive Trade Union Confederation last May and arrested its president, general secretary, and 25 other members of the federation, which is one of the largest trade unions in Turkey.

The International Trade Union Confederation also accused the Turkish government of pursuing policies hostile to workers and their union representatives, violating their rights, as well as the rights of their defenders.

The largest Turkish Trade Union Confederation endorsed the information contained in the report, which also monitored the imprisonment of 26 teachers from the Education Union Foundation after their houses and offices were raided in Omid (Diyarbakır).