ISIS leader arrested in Italy as the group threatens to target Rome

ROME — Following the meeting of foreign ministers of the Global Coalition against the Islamic State chaired by the Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio in Rome several weeks ago, the Islamic State (ISIS) threatened Italy in its weekly newspaper. The threat described the participants of the meeting, including Di Maio and US Secretary of State Blinken, as crusaders and declared that targeting Rome would be one ISIS’s future goals.

Following this clear and explicit threat, a statement was issued by Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi expressing his support and deep solidarity with his country’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Di Maio, indicating that the meeting was a success and emphasizing the government’s commitment to combating terrorism.

Di Maio was also supported by representatives of the most prominent political forces in Italy, the presidents of both chambers of parliament and members of the government.

In related news, and in confirmation of what was stated in ISIS’s latest article, the Moroccan Directorate for National Territory Surveillance announced the arrest of a Moroccan citizen nicknamed Abu al-Baraa who was an ISIS leader in Syria and Iraq. The Directorate explained that his arrest came after close coordination with the Italian security services.

It added that the security coordination resulted in locating the terrorist’s whereabouts and arresting him in Italy after he was able to reach Europe illegally.