LEBANON: Families of Beirut explosion victims protest in front of Minister Muhamed Fahmy’s house

BEIRUT — After the caretaker Interior Minister Muhammad Fahmy refused to allow the investigative judge in the Beirut port explosion to interrogate the Director of Public Security, the families of victims organized a protest in front of Minister Fahmy’s house.

About a hundred protesters gathered near the minister’s house before making their way to the entrance to the building, demanding the minister lift the defendants’ immunity.

Clashes erupted between the police and protestors at the entrance to the building after tear gas was fired at them.

The intensity of the clashes escalated to the point where the glass gate of the minister’s building was broken, in addition to using sticks, stones, and chairs, leading to the injury of protesters and Lebanese Security Forces.

It was reported that Interior Minister Fahmy had left his home in Koraytem.