Germany arrests suspects accused of financing and supporting ISIS

HESSE, Germany — As part of its fight against cells of the Islamic State (ISIS), German authorities carried out raids in the state of Hesse in western Germany against people suspected of belonging to ISIS and preparing violent attacks across Germany.

The Regional Crime Office published on Twitter that the German police, in cooperation and coordination with the Public Prosecution Office in Frankfurt, searched several locations and arrested and interrogated several suspects on charges of financing and supporting ISIS.

The state security authorities participated in operation and made it clear that early intervention is key to combating terrorism.

During the investigation, it was found that the involved group included 10 people, 2 women and 8 men, including German, Afghan, Kosovar, and Turkish citizens who had financed ISIS in Syria through donations.

During the raids, incriminating evidence was found including on digital devices.

Local reports revealed that the Swiss police also participated in the search and raid, since one of the suspects left for Switzerland.