North and East Syria official Joseph Lahdo: Anyone who obstructs political negotiations contributes to increasing the suffering of the Syrian people

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA — During an interview on Political Scene, a program aired by SuroyoTV, Deputy Co-Chair of the Executive Council of North and East Syria Joseph Lahdo spoke about the political negotiations between the Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA) and the Syrian regime, explaining that there were previous negotiations with the Syrian regime but they went nowhere due to the obstinance of the latter.

Lahdo stated that the DAA has repeatedly declared its readiness to hold negotiations in order to reach a political solution that satisfies all parties and ends the Syrian crisis but the Syrian regime has not shown willingness to enter into these negotiations in a constructive way.

As for Russia’s current call for negotiations, Lahdo explained that it depended on how serious the Syrian regime was in conducting them, as they might be accepted but not seriously implemented.

He noted that anyone who obstructs the political negotiations participates in prolonging the Syrian crisis and increasing the suffering of the Syrian people.