Former Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi presents initiative calling for expulsion of foreign forces from Iraq

BAGHDAD — Former Iraqi Prime Minister and head of the Victory Alliance Haider al-Abadi explained that the goal of the initiative he put forward, in which he called for the removal of all foreign forces from Iraq, is to preserve Iraqi national interests and sovereignty, consolidate the unity of the state, and avoid embroiling Iraq in regional and international conflict.

Al-Abadi also called for holding a dialogue on the terms of this initiative and coming out with a binding agreement, as well as setting a time for the withdrawal of all foreign forces from Iraq.

He explained that the tasks of any foreign military presence should be limited only to training, developing combat capabilities, and intelligence cooperation to combat terrorism, stressing the prevention of any infringement on diplomatic missions or foreign training and development headquarters.

He also called for serious discussions to end the Turkish military presence in Iraq.