LEBANON: Universal Syriac Union Party and National Liberal Party meet to discuss untied opposition effort

BEIRUT — On Wednesday, President of the Universal Syriac Union Party (USUP) Ibrahim Mrad and members of USUP leadership received President of the National Liberal Party (NLP) Dory Chamoun and other NLP leaders to discuss the recent events in Lebanon and the region. The parties reviewed their historical relationship and common struggle since the era of Lebanese President Camille Chamoun.

During the meeting, it was agreed that a sovereign Lebanese opposition front should be launched to unite objectives, demands, and actions to urge the international community to help Lebanon and stand with its people in the face of dire circumstances.

After the meeting, Chamoun said, “Today we have high hopes for greater coordination with our comrades in the Universal Syriac Union, with whom we have together a long struggle from the days of war to the present.”

Chamoun also thanked the party for maintaining the struggle of the Syriac people and Lebanon, a country which enjoys pluralism and diversity, stressing that the NLP is working to establish a Lebanese opposition front to confront the current reality, which all Lebanese people must confront.

Mrad welcomed the visit of NLP, stressing, “As we were in the war, we offer martyrs and fight and defend together for the sovereignty, freedom, and independence of Lebanon.”

“Today we are fighting for the liberation of Lebanon from the Iranian occupation represented by Hezbollah and all the corrupt puppet junta that brought Lebanon and its people to collapse,” he continued. “We have lost our sovereignty because of them.”

“The entire Lebanese people have been transformed from an educated, creative, and prosperous people to a people waiting in line to get gasoline and food to feed their children,” Added Mrad. “No electricity, no water, no medicines; all the means of life have been lost because of those criminals.”