Syrian regime exploits people of Dayro Zcuro (Deir ez-Zor) confiscating farmers’ grain and raises price of crossing checkpoints into its areas

DAYRO ZCURO, Syria — The security services of the Syrian regime threatened farmers in Dayro Zcuro (Deir ez-Zor) with arrest and confiscation of their entire crop if they refuse to deliver all of their grain to the state-owned Grain Corporation at the price set by the regime — 900 Syrian Pounds (SYP) per kilo. The farmers of the region considered that a great material and moral loss for them.

Several days ago, security groups of the Syrian regime forces raided the houses and warehouses of farmers in the countryside of Dayro Zcuro and confiscated all the existing wheat there.

In related news, a military source stated that the Fourth Division of the Syrian regime raised the taxes on private cars crossing from North and East Syria to regime-held areas from 1 million SYP to 2.5 million SYP.

The Fourth Division also reportedly raised the fees for allowing funerals processions and the transportation of corpses through its checkpoints to 900,000 SYP.