International Law Professor Gabriel Sawma: U.S. position on Turkey has not changed

WASHINGTON, D.C. – In an interview with Kurdish Ronahi TV, Syriac professor of international law Gabriel Sawma commented that, “the U.S. position towards Turkey has not changed. The U.S. still rejects the presence of Russian S-400 missiles on Turkish soil, which contradicts its F-35 program. This was the reason that Turkey was expelled from the F35 program. Former U.S. president Trump distanced Turkey from this partnership – and so did President Biden – because Trump saw that the existence of the two systems as incompatible.”

”The Syrian lands occupied by the Turkish regime are larger than ​​Lebanon, and the Turkish regime has ambitions in other Middle East countries,” Sawma added.

He also indicated that Erdoğan’s actions with regards to the S-400 have weakened the position of the Turkish air force and future capabilities. The Turkish air force currently possesses F-50s and F-60s fighter jets. The programs for these fighter jets will expire in 15 years. Turkish President Erdoğan deprived Turkey from the high-technology F-35 fighters that would have replaced the F-50 and F-60.

Regarding Turkish regime policies and its violation of the sovereignty of states, Gabriel Sawma stated that “militarily, the Turkish situation is very weak, especially its occupation of parts of the Syrian lands that contradicts international law and U.S. policy.”

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