Geneva Center for Justice threatens to withdraw membership from Commission on Human Rights in Iraq after political meddling by Iraqi Parliamentarian

BAGHDAD — The Geneva Center for Justice declared in a statement reviewed by the SyriacPress news desk, that the Commission on Human Rights in Iraq may lose the international recognition it obtained in the Global Alliance of National Human Rights Institutions because of a clear imbalance in its independent and free work due to interference from the Iraqi Parliament and influential political parties.

The most important of which was the recent decision issued by the First Deputy of the Iraqi Parliament Hassan al-Kaabi to prevent the Commission from carrying out any administrative or financial work and to transfer its management to a committee formed by the House of Representatives.

The Geneva Center declared that al-Kaabi’s actions undermine the independence of the Commission and may bring to an end its membership in the international institution, as it violates its legal, administrative, political, and financial independence, leaving it unable to meet the minimum required compliance with the Paris rules for national human rights institutions necessary to maintain membership in the Center.

The Center stressed that the Commission, less than a month ago, obtained the A rank from the membership committee which is a great and important achievement that grants it observer status in United Nations meetings.

This membership is granted only to National Human Rights institutions which function independently and carry out activities of monitoring the human rights situation in the country.

The statement stressed the need for the Iraqi authorities to respond to what al-Kaabi’s initiative and prevent its implementation which would inevitably lead to the withdrawal of its membership.