Co-Chair of Syriac Union Party in Syria Sanharib Barsoum: Regime escalation in Druco (Daraa) will only bring further destruction and suffering to Syrians

DRUCO, Syria — Commenting on the clashes between Syrian regime forces and opposition groups in Druco (Daraa) city and its countryside, Co-Chair of the Syriac Union Party (SUP) in Syria Sanharib Barsoum commented to SuroyoTV that what is happening in Druco is the result of the stubborn policies of the Syrian regime.

Despite destroying the country and killing countless Syrians, head of the Syrian regime Bashar al-Assad has repeatedly stated his intention to retake the entirety of the country without political concessions.

Barsoum added that the policy followed by the regime serves regional agendas and parties and only further deteriorates the Syrian economic and health situation. He called for dialogue to reach a political solution in accordance with U.N. Resolution No. 254 and warned that the escalation will only bring more suffering to the Syrian people.

The Syrian regime and its supporting forces — such as Iran — are deliberately postponing a political solution, said Barsoum.