NINEVEH PLAIN: Syriac Writers Union honors Syriac poet Aziz Jijo Qasha

NINEVEH PLAIN – The Syriac Writers Union celebrated late Syriac poet Aziz Jijo Qasha during a ceremony held on Friday evening, July 30, in the St Joseph Cultural Center in Karemlesh.

After a speech about his life and a video of the late poet delivering one of his poems in Syriac, speeches were delivered by Bishop Mor Michael Najib, Fr Thabet Habib, and President of the Syriac Writers Union Rawand Bolus.

Qasha’s daughter Daad gave a speech in which she emphasized the poet’s love for his Syriac mother tongue.

Member of the General Union of Writers in Iraq poet Zuhair Behnam Barada, gave a testimony about the poet. Syriac writer Nizar Dirani, the former president of the Syriac Union Writers, presented a critical study of the poet.

In conclusion, the poetry collection entitled Paradise on Earth was distributed to the audience.

The evening was attended by Baghdede District Governor Issam Behnam Matti, Syriac clerics and writers and poets from the Nineveh Plain region.

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