Statements and reports reveal part of the truth about the Beirut port explosion on one year anniversary

BEIRUT — On the first anniversary of the Beirut Port explosion disaster, Ibrahim Mrad, president of the Universal Syriac Union Party (USUP), said that the explosion was the result of a corrupt ruling class which is dependent on the Iranian axis that occupies Lebanon through Hezbollah.

Mrad called on the Lebanese people to participate in the commemorations with the aim of demanding the liberation of Lebanon and the release of its people from the Iranian occupation which has wreaked havoc and destruction.

Mrad concluded by offering condolences to the families of the martyrs and pledged to continue the struggle alongside the honorable voices of the Lebanese people to restore the rights of martyrs, the people, and the nation.

In related news, a number of Lebanese officials made statements condemning the port disaster, including the Lebanese Prime Minister of the Caretaker Government Hassan Diab, who said that there would be no justice in Lebanon if real justice was not achieved for the victims of the port explosion. The facts could not be revealed without clear answers to fundamental questions, said Diab, stressing that the achievement of justice will begin to reveal the truth and hold those responsible accountable.

Diab’s remarks come as Human Rights Watch (HRW) issued a report stating strong evidence that Lebanese officials, including Prime Minister Diab, President Michel Aoun, Director of Public Security Tony Saliba, and several other former ministers, learned about and implicitly accepted the dangers posed by the ammonium nitrate stored at the port and took no action to protect Lebanese lives.

In its report, the HRW called on the United Nations Human Rights Council to investigate the explosion and urged foreign governments to impose sanctions on the aforementioned officials for violating human rights and engaging in corruption.

Lebanese officials have stalled requests for immunity and made efforts to disrupt the investigation into the explosion, according to an earlier Amnesty International report. President Aoun, who is accused of negligence, said he was willing to testify, saying that no one was above law.

Internationally, the French Government has announced its program of work for the international conference to support the Lebanese people. A schedule of participants’ names and speeches to be delivered and a statement is expected at the end of the conference, on behalf of France and the United Nations.