Turkish tank fires on civilian homes in Ayn Issa killing four, including three children

AYN ISSA, Syria — On Tuesday, between 2 and 3 a.m., a Turkish tank bombed a civilian area in Ayn Issa in North and East Syria killing four and leaving two wounded. All those killed and injured were from the same family. Three children 12 years old and younger were killed.

According to a military source, the tank was targeting Safawi village, east of Ayn Issa. Ayn Issa sits along the strategic M4 Highway and has been on the front line of fighting since Turkey and the Turkish-backed Syrian National Army (SNA) invaded the region in October 2019.

Those killed in the attack were Zidan Khalaf al-Issa (54), Ziyad al-Issa (12), Muna Khalaf al-Issa, and Huda Khalaf al-Issa.

Images from the scene are too graphic for SyriacPress to publish.

A woman and her one-year-old girl were critically wounded and brought to Raqqa hospital for treatment.